Intelligent Integration & Automation Platform for Everyone

Easy to develop, enhance and maintain Automation. Single product that can support Application Integration, Data Integration, AI/Bot automation for departmental and most enterprise use-cases. Over 60 pre-built automations across common business functions.

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How it works

Simple drag and drop user experience. Business or Technical users can just drag and drop the applications they need to automate. Add connections and put the automation sequence together.

Now connect the applications together. Leverage Sappers built-in intelligence capabilities to automatically map the data flowing through the different applications and verify that it works. We also provide prebuilt automations to several commonly used patterns, out of the box connectivity to over 350 applications and open marketplace that has more and more applications being added. Be an automation hero…start building new automations and improve productivity and innovation in your organization.

Now put the automation you have innovated to the test. Whether its one of our out of the box automations or something that you have custom built for your organization, you can go from concept to production in a matter of hours.

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